Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Beginning

If you've dug around on my long-standing fan web site, Kismet's Dungeons and Dragons, then you've probably figured out that I really love the country of Thay in the Forgotten Realms.  When the time finally came to hatch an evil campaign of my own, there were few other places I even considered as a setting, and none of them had half the charm.  Even though I couldn't find the depth of setting information I craved for it, I was so inspired that I didn't mind.

In the years since then, I've uncovered much of the published material scattered across various books and editions.  I gathered a coherent timeline and have made references to known NPCs, but I've spent more of my effort adding new details to Thay.  I haven't tried to stick to the "canon," since I always intended to color it with my own vision.  I've developed a lot of background information for use in our game sessions, and I've offered what I can on my site for other fans who might also be yearning for more.

My gaming group and I return to Thay whenever we are able, which is never quite as much as I hope for.  My mind goes back to the country and its characters whenever it can, which is also never as often as I would like.  I have found myself desperately looking for a way to quickly draft more material for Thay and get it out, while having fun and being able to do it from anywhere.  This blog might just be the answer to those prayers.  (Glory to Bane!)

I hope for most of it to be in-character, and have several points of view I would like to explore.  I will do my best to make the speaker apparent in any case.  I might even get my group members to write a few things, and if they do, I will make sure you know who they are because I am blessed to run for people I love.  With them beside me, I find a lot of laughter in even the darker corners of Thay and a very rich experience of what an evil campaign can be.  Sure, it's a forbidden pleasure, but it's a pleasure nonetheless.  (Glory to Samora!)

You should be warned that I am an adult who runs mature games for adult gamers.  This has been the case for many years.  We do not shy away from sex, violence, racism, or other highly charged topics.  We are not graphic or gory in our depictions or aims, however.  I am not here for shock value, but to provide a more mature lens through which to view fantasy gaming.  Most of what you will find here will be suggestive at best, or direct but cut and dry at worst.  

If you find that you are not enjoying what you are reading and do not wish to continue, thank you for trying it out.  I hope the next blog provides something more to your taste.  I will, however, continue on my own path, and will expect readers to handle their own reactions calmly, respectfully, and wisely.

If you have any questions, requests, or concerns, try checking out my main site to see if I've answered them there.  And if I haven't, feel free to talk to me here.

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