Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Secrets of the Salamander War - What Some Thayans Know

Players Stay Out!

When I started developing the Salamander War in depth for my game, I first did the research on what had gone before.  Then, before I knew what was happening, I began to develop three tiers of information about what went on.  When I got done, it made sense to me that there would be three basic tiers of access to the truths of the situation.  First, there are the well-known tales of the war and those involved; they are told all over the place and are accepted by the general populace.  Anyone can dig them up without many problems, if they don't already know them.  Then there are the maneuvers and motivations that have been kept quiet and are more risky to pass along.  

Below is information that any PC might be able to find about the war, but only with real effort.  Noble heritage can help but bribes, intimidation, and stealing will likely be required to uncover much of it.  History-related checks between DC 21 - 30 will result in varying amounts of what follows.  Fewer Thayans know the real schemes behind the war and fewer still are willing to admit them, especially since power players like Aznar Thrul are still quite influential in the country.  

Click the button to show the details, but only if you are not a player whose DM might be using this information to entertain you.  Thank you for respecting your DM's hard work!

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