Thursday, March 22, 2018

Secrets Within Secrets - What Only A Select Few Know

Art by Artastrophe

Players & DMs Beware!

Below is the most dangerous and private information that a PC can uncover about the Salamander War.  Skill checks will not be enough to gather such intelligence; only direct and risky adventures have the chance of yielding these secrets.  People at all levels of Thayan society have and will perish to protect them and magical means have been used to obscure them at every step.

This is DM-only material, so if you anticipate playing in Thay and want to do your DM a favor, stick with the post about what most Thayans know about the war.

This series of posts about the Salamander War have been rewritten and improved with the aid of sleyvas at the Candlekeep forums.  Many thanks!

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