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Thayan Noble Houses: House Agneh

Art by artemismorgan

House Agneh

Trade and Interests: Politics and leadership
Historical status: Ennobled -2000 to -999 DR
Ally: House Thrul [Arcane magic (evocation)]
Enemy: House Flass [Politics and leadership]
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath
Reputation: Praised
Recent Event: Recent Atrocity
Desires: Necessities
Condition: Decaying
Favored Alignments: LE, NE, CE
Favored Deity: Mask
Colors: Purple and gold
Symbol: Staff of office

House Agneh began as a family bent on political influence in Mulhorand.  When Thay's war for independence began, many members did not join the rebellion so the house started small in the new Thay.  The family recovered by making matches that were not ideal (with local Rashemi) and kidnapping Mulan nobles to marry when necessary.  The whole time, it retained its love of political games.  Its members are placed in various offices across the country and House Agneh remains a popular player on the Thayan stage.

The family is known for being more free with wealth and favors than others, but its charity always comes with hidden strings.  Its members also have a reputation for being absolutely deadly when crossed (though it is notoriously difficult to prove their involvement).  The house took some serious damage to its reputation when its famous daughter, Mari Agneh, became Aznar Thrul's public thrall, but has since courted and gained the friendship of House Thrul as a whole.  This vexed House Flass, which has been solidly behind House Tam and does not want to see any rivals to Szass Tam's power.

House Agneh tends to have a family home and presence in most major cities across Thay, with the largest and grandest chapter being in Bezantur, the city Mari Agneh once ruled - but it has not ventured much into the Alaor or the enclaves.

Please Note:
  • Thayan houses typically have more than one ally and enemy among the other houses; what is noted above are just the primary ties.
  • Virtue, Vice, Reputation, and other aspects cover the house as a whole and what it is known for, but individuals within the house can vary greatly.
  • Events and Desires are brief inspirations for roleplay; the finer details are up to you.

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