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Thayan Noble Houses: House Ankara

House Ankara

Trade and Interests: Slave acquisition (piracy)
Historical status: Ennobled -1000 to 921 DR
Ally: Besklen [Armor (light)]
Enemy: Koraz [Magecraft (exotic components)]
Virtue: Confidence
Vice: Corruption
Reputation: Praised
Recent Event: Subjugated
Desires: To Stay
Condition: Poor
Favored Alignments: CN, CE, NE
Favored Deity: Umberlee 
Colors: Black and Gold
Symbol: Anchor

In the early days of Thay, the demand for slave labor was so great that House Ankara was called to begin work immediately - and well before it was ready.  The family had valuable ties to pirates in the Sea of Fallen Stars but had lost its best ships, key members, and a great deal of capital in the war to separate from Mulhorand.  It was tied up for years in rebuilding the family’s operations, which meant spending less time in the halls of Thayan power.

But House Ankara has always been stubborn.  It used its ties to other pirates for all they were worth, even marrying pirate captains from abroad to bolster its numbers.  This led to vicious fallout when Thayans betrayed others in the name of their new land but helped the family advance in the long run.  The house played hardball with other families that petitioned for slaves until more resources were provided.  Despite its services, the house’s reputation suffered for over a hundred years because of these moves.

The Ankara family found a surprisingly staunch ally in House Besklen, which provided the armors its members favored.  It also found an unexpected enemy in House Koraz, which regularly tries to command more room in ships for transporting magical components.  The family took a hit as the enclaves prospered and more slaves were sent back to Thay via portals.  After the Alaor islands were lost and reseized in 1369-1370, House Ankara schemed to wrest more power from the major shipping houses - and failed in its plot.  It has been begrudgingly subjugated since then and looking for ways to regain its footing.

Please Note:

  • Thayan houses typically have more than one ally and enemy among the other houses; what is noted above are just the primary ties.
  • Virtue, Vice, Reputation, and other aspects cover the house as a whole and what it is known for, but individuals within the house can vary greatly.
  • Events and Desires are brief inspirations for roleplay; the finer details are up to you.

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