Friday, June 21, 2019

Denzar, capital of Gauros

The tharch of Gauros, updated to show created settlements

Denzar, capital of Gauros

Alignment: NE
Population: Sufficient
Races: Rashemi, significant half orc population, gnomes are commons slaves
Classes: Rangers predominate, fighters common, clerics and adepts common
Temples: Malar, Tempus, Shaundakul
Shrines: Shar, Garagos, Beshaba, Bane, Auril
Age: Well Established  
Reputation: Accepted 
Virtue: Confidence 
Vice: Wrath
Recent Event: New Attack 
Desires: More Time 
Security: Basic 
Access: Often Visited  
Repair: Poor 
Impression: Belligerent
Sanitation: Tolerable
Lighting: Poor
Streets: Gravel

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