Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thayan Noble Houses: House Ashmeddai

Art by artemismorgan

House Ashmeddai

Trade and Interests: Arcane magic (enchantment) 
Historical status: Ennobled -2000 to -999 DR 
Ally: Hunosel [Arcane magic (illusion)] 
Enemy: Savrian [Arcane magic (divination)] 
Virtue: Patience 
Vice: Vanity 
Reputation: Recognized 
Recent Event: New Suppliers 
Desires: Undecided 
Condition: Poor 
Favored Alignments: LE, NE, CE
Favored Deity: Shar 
Colors: Black and blue 
Symbol: Mirror 

House Ashmeddai enchanters were derided for most of their long history in Mulhorand. Their devotion to arcane magic, and enchantment in particular, was seen as foolish. Their services were sought in matchmaking and deal-brokering but kept secret; their use of blackmail bred resentment. They were accused of heresy after meddling in affairs great and small and were on the verge of losing everything when the rebellion gave them a chance for a fresh start. 

The family benefited from the magocracy that arose - with one zulkir for each school of magic, it would inevitably produce a ruler. Still, rising to prominence proved difficult. Enchantment was not seen as terribly useful in the settling of Thay and the first zulkirs were among the most ruthless, without an Ashmeddai among them. The house turned to Shar for patronage and embraced her tactic of waiting for the right time to strike from the shadows. 

Banding together with House Hunosel proved fruitful and both worked behind the scenes to improve each other’s lot. The enclaves provided a surprising boost of prestige as Thayans looked for ways to woo foreigners and move contraband into other kingdoms. The family has suffered in recent days from poor leadership and a lack of vision; simply put, it doesn’t know what to aim for next. This has left too much time for petty squabbles that have weakened the family as a whole. 

Please Note:
  • Events and Desires are brief inspirations for current roleplay; the finer details are up to you, and the house may have been very different in previous eras.
  • Thayan houses typically have more than one ally and enemy among the other houses; what is noted above are just the primary ties.
  • Virtue, Vice, Reputation, and other aspects cover the house as a whole and what it is known for in modern times, but individuals within the house can vary greatly.

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