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Thayan Noble Houses: House Aporos

House Aporos

Trade and Interests: Architecture (homes)
Historical Status: Ennobled -2000 to -999 DR
Ally: Kren [Timber]
Enemy: Malaergost [Poisonmaking]
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Carnality
Reputation: Accepted
Recent Event: New Church Opened
Desires: To Locate the Lost
Condition: Revitalizing
Favored Alignments: CN, CE, NE
Favored Deity: Cyric (select text to see the secret); Waukeen (public)
Colors: Gray and blue
Symbol: Geometric pattern

Once upon a time in Mulhorand, House Aporos was a small but highly esteemed family dedicated to building private homes for the elite.  This was an important distinction from public structures, which belonged to the temples.  Constant meddling by the theocracy was a deciding factor when the rebellion occurred; over half the house left to seek better fortunes in Thay.

House Aporos was bitterly disappointed when it took decades before grand private homes were commissioned.  The family struggled to stay afloat until the other noble houses thrived.  Then, once business boomed, nobles complained that the designs were outdated and too much like the old country.  Commissions dwindled, and it seemed like another house would take its place.  A schism arose in Aporos as members struggled over how to respond (select text to see the secret), and those who followed Cyric won out by orchestrating the deaths of the worst offenders.

The house has since gained a reputation for discretion.  What it is best at, however, is planning homes for intrigue and hiding its own hand.  When House Kren arose, Aporos stepped in to support its growth, and the young house couldn’t afford to refuse such an ancient benefactor.  Kren has been shaped by Aporos ever since, without realizing the extent of Aporos’s influence.  The feud with House Malaergost is private and cut-throat since Aporos has continually stolen from the poison-makers.  The family has never attained the esteem it craves(select text to see the secret), which makes it fertile ground for Cyric’s creed - a dogma of betrayal that always cuts both ways.

Please Note:
  • Thayan houses typically have more than one ally and enemy among the other houses; what is noted above are just the primary ties.
  • Virtue, Vice, Reputation, and other aspects cover the house as a whole and what it is known for in modern times, but individuals within the house can vary greatly.
  • Events and Desires are brief inspirations for current roleplay; the finer details are up to you, and the house may have been very different in previous eras. 

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